Sep 18, 2018



The hitboxes in the remaster seem very different from behavior of the original game (or at least the win32 port of it ). This greatly affects gameplay compared to the original. E.g. Do a very short jump, and while your bunny is coming down, but still at a height above another player, move towards them. Previous behavior: 1 pixel overlap onto their head will kill. Current behavior: you will be pushed away and there is no kill. There is also changes to behavior of ice momentum, water, spring and the tiles above the map. But I think the hitbox feeling is most important.

Sep 18, 2018

I'm glad you notice the differences :) Yes, the hit boxes are smaller, I felt during play testing that this made it more competitive, and my friend agreed. In the original you get a lot of "accidental" kills because the hit box is so big. Now the "jump-er" has to work for it a bit more, and the "jump-ee" has a chance of dodging out of the way.


Of course I was worried it would be frustrating to try and hit someone, but this doesn't seem to be the case!


To me it seems that now when you land a hit, it seems more like it was based on skill and much less cheap kills, and I feel this can make people more engaged in it.


I'm looking forward to hearing what everyone else thinks.


I'm riding a line between reproducing the original as faithfully as possible, but not passing up opportunities for improving things.



As for the physics in general, it's slightly slower, and actually this is for the reasons above too!


Have you had a gaming session with some friends on it? How did it go?

Sep 19, 2018

I was thinking of exposing the variables used in the physics into a Settings file so they can be tweaked and you can find values that are more like the original.


If you'd like to do that I can embed them in the game as an option to enable the original physics. Would you be interested in that?

Oct 2, 2018

I've been trying for weeks to play with my siblings but things always fall through. The option would be nice though.

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  • supersmo
    Aug 30, 2018

    Saw that Godot is open source. If I were to modify a dll to get 8 XInput devices working via DirectInput would you be willing to make build with that? The best would be if I managed to introduce a disable XInput switch in a good place and make a pull request to get the feature into the Godot master branch. I'm not much of a C++ coder though so we'll see how that would goes. First I need to find the time... and before this I would want to migrate all levels.
  • supersmo
    Mar 9

    Continuing here instead of on itch. For reference: Archive of old levels: The all levels zip still works there. Tested porting a level and it works. I could probably script the conversion using Gimp. Never done that before but it would be interesting to explore the possibility. My end goal is to get all levels working in "Jump 'n Bump - remastered"
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