I'm Domarius, and welcome to my 90's themed website! I'm making retro themed pixel art 2D and low-poly 3D games.

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Welcome to HopSquash! This is my first commercially released game! It's a local multiplayer party game (supporting up to a whopping 8 players (with the option of having 2 players per gamepad or keyboard!) where the objective is to jump on your friends and squash them for the highest points!  Lots of levels and environmental differences and powerups - and a built in level editor, completely controllable via gamepad! Yes you can open the editor, make a level, save it, and play it, all without putting the gamepad down! Click the banner for more info.

Jump 'n Bump - remastered

Jump 'n Bump game graphics

Couch multiplayer games are all the rage now, and it's about time this classic was brought to the modern age to be enjoyed again! Jump 'n Bump was originally released (for free!) by Brainchild Design in 1998 for MS-DOS.  It supported 4 players and was about bunnies crushing each other to death to get the highest score.

With this re-release (again, for free!) by Domarius Games, you can now play it again on your Windows or Linux computer, with any combination of gamepads, keyboard or mouse!  The max players has also been upped to 8!  And a new feature allowing you to split gamepads between two people each, means you can easily get your friends jumping on each other!

Find out more and get the game here!

Alex Kidd in Pico World

Alex Kidd Pico game artwork
Alex Kidd Pico game screenshot
Alex Kidd Pico game screenshot
Alex Kidd Pico game screenshot

A 64x64 "de-make" of Alex Kidd in Miracle World from the Sega Master System!  This is minaturised version of the game features everything from the original game - recreated in the limitations of the Pico-8 Fantasy Console!

Read my development blog to find out how I crammed all these features inside the tiny restrictions of Pico 8!

This game is currently hosted on Itch.io - please consider donating so I can keep making these times of retro de-makes and don't have to go back to full time work!

Click here to play in your browser and please consider donating!

Simple arcade interface

This is an arcade interface I'm working on to make it super easy to access all your favourite games, including modern ones, designed for ease of use.  This is mostly complete but I've put it aside to finish the release of Alex Kidd Pico because it's a smaller project.  After that, this will be my next release!

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Voxel survival game

This is my voxel game with a unique spin - infinite view distance and no height or depth limit, and a reason to keep building and defending what you've built... it's a bit large scale and I've decided to get some smaller projects out the door first to get myself on my feet.

And you can read the development blog where I talk about its features and how I'm putting it together.

To be notified of updates, subscribe or follow me on one of the social networks linked above.

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